Virginia Election Officials Delay Certification In Close House Race

The Virginia Board of Elections voted to delay the official certification for two House of Delegate races after election officials found out dozens voted in the incorrect district. According to elections Commissioner Edgardo Cortés, 83 voters in Fredericksburg may have cast ballots in the wrong race.

One of the races in question is the 28th District, where Republican Robert Thomas is leading Democrat Joshua Cole by just 82 votes.

“There were problems with Charlotte Street, and Charles Street in Fredericksburg,” said Mitzi Brown, who works at a law firm representing Cole’s campaign.

She said it seems like the registrar got “Charlotte” mixed up with “Charles”, and many people, including Brown, who lives on one of the streets, were sent ballots for the wrong race.

“We were given the ballots for 28th [district] when in fact the District lines have us in the 88th [district],” said Brown.

Virginia election officials said on Monday that they needed to take a pause before certifying the results of these two races. They signed off on the other 98.

State Republicans responded to the news of certification delays with outrage.

“We think this is an attempt to steal an election,” said John Whitbeck, chairman of Virginia’s Republican Party.

“There was an 82 vote margin and the number of alleged votes to be incorrect is 83,” he said. “Way too convenient in our eyes. ”

The elections board will meet again tomorrow to make decision.

Democrats won 49 seats on election day, and are planning to seek recounts in three of the contests that ended with razor-thin margins. If Democrats can win back one of the seats, they’ll force a tie with Republicans in the lower-house. Win two, and they’ll take control.