After working for decades on various federal, state-wide and issue oriented campaigns, our Rolodex is expansive and deep.  While our contacts are helpful to our friends and allies, what we really understand is that elected officials respond to their constituents; the women and men that mentored them, that they run into and meet with at Rotary meetings, fundraisers, political party events, and community events. These are the influencers. We understand that while a state legislator has some influence on a Congressperson, in reality her/his neighbor, former schoolteacher or little league coach will get more attention.

Hence we can help you educate these public servants by educating their neighbors, community and religious leaders on the pressing issues and encourage them to speak to them, friend-to-friend. It is these personal conversations that produce significant effects on the actions, behaviors and opinions of these dedicated public servants.

Therefore using our existing and broad network, and accompanying that Rolodex with engaging local voters who matter to the elected official, you can be assured your message will get a fair hearing.


Full Service Call Center

We offer a wide range of call center services including both inbound and outbound calls. Bilingual services provided in both English and Spanish.  The most common needs that we can fulfill are:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Market research
  • Polling
  • Fundraising
  • Live data research
  • Issue identification
  • Volunteer recruitment and training
  • GOTV (Get Out the Vote Calls)
  • Voter registration
  • Messaging research
  • Live lead transfers
  • Pre-recorded messaging

We are not a telemarketing company, we do not create the marketing campaigns for our clients.  Experience has shown that many companies desire to create their own marketing campaign since they already have marketing personnel with extensive contacts and experience in the industry.  We can assist the client if needed.

IVR Scientific Polling

Reponses are weighted geographically and by political party when applicable.  For a basic poll we include 4 questions:
- Qualifying question
- Head-to-head
- Two additional concept questions such as most important issue or message

- Testing
Survey Script review and reformatting is key to delivering a message that creates the desired results.
Publishable final report

A call center will serve as the primary point of contact for a business/voter.  The point of hiring a supplier is to make interactions with the business/voter convenient and effective.  The people who answer the phone are representative of the business/candidate so it was important to us to hire ones who are right for the job, not those who will do it for the least amount of money.  Not all providers are created equal and finding the appropriate call center takes research.  Before settling on a provider, consider the impact it will have on the company’s/candidates image and give us a chance to win your business.


Grassroots Targeted Efforts

In targeted efforts you should not assume anything.  Absolutely every facet of the campaign, from the best way to knock a door to the best way to broadcast your message, should be tested.  Tested, analyzed and repeat, molding and creating how to best measure efficiency and effectiveness.  If the campaign or business model can’t evolve to what’s working at any given time, winning must not be important.  Focused on the correct market with the right message in the right demographics.  Data is everything, produce great data, receive great results.  Through door knocking to phone calls getting constituents involved to seal our results.  You threaten re-election to any candidate things start to happen.

One of our specialties is targeted door-to-door canvassing.  Below is an example of one of the project we did in 2016 in just 23 days.  We know how to recruit, build and train teams through-out the country who can produce results.

Crisis 10004776

Crisis Management

Crisis management is the method by which an organization deals with a major event that threatens to damage the organization, its stakeholders, or the general public.  This is considered to be the most important process in "public relations”.

A crisis can occur as a result of an unpredictable event or as an unanticipated consequence of some event that had been considered a potential risk.  In any case, crises almost regularly require that decisions be made quickly to limit damage to the organization.  For that reason, one of the first actions in crisis management planning is to identify a company who is professionally trained to combat any crisis that occurs.

The field of crisis management is considered to have originated with Johnson & Johnson's handling of a situation in 1982, when cyanide-laced Tylenol killed seven people in Chicago.  The company immediately recalled all Tylenol capsules in the country and offered free product in tamper-proof packaging.  As a result of the company's fast and effective response, the effect to shareholders was minimized and the brand recovered and thrived.

In contrast to risk management, which involves gauging potential threats and finding the best ways to avoid those threats, crisis management involves dealing with threats before, during, and after they have happened.  The techniques of crisis management include a number of steps from the understanding of the impact of the crisis on the corporation to preventing, lessening, and overcoming the different types of crisis.

Data Collection

There are hundreds of ways to obtain data, it can be a nightmare trying to find the right data to fit your needs, especially if you’re working with a self-proclaimed “data expert”. We’ve all been there, so at September Group we’ve developed a system that is simple: speak directly with your audience, person to person, and get the answers you need to run a successful campaign.  That’s it, everything else is supplemental.

We’ve produced accurate and timely data for small, self-run campaigns, to large billion dollar corporations. Up-to-date information cannot be replaced, nor can the proper organization and use of data. Time and time again we see companies and campaigns misusing and misinterpreting data, often due to needless complexities that can entangle a project or because someone cut corners.

For businesses let us craft a proposal to fit your needs and budget.

For Campaigns, we have a simple process that is time-tested, and will build you a thriving organization that will last to Election Day, and beyond.  We start with simple Voter ID script asking direct questions to active voters most likely to support your campaign, from this group we recruit captains and recruiters who will help build and train and self-perpetuation organization you can depend on. We have found that many people are willing and want to be involved, they just have never been asked in the right way, by the right person. Whether you have a campaign in the making, or are an incumbent tired of rebuilding a team every two, four or six years, we’d love to share more about what we can do for you.


Public Policy (Initiatives and Referendum)

There are hundreds of policy analysts ready to dig deep into your policy proposals, and tell you everything that is wrong with it and why it will never work.  If that is what you are looking for we could offer some referrals. Our specialty is in turning proposals into law by navigating various possibilities, and finding the most probable course.  We have passed laws all over the country, even starting nationwide movements by building the necessary public support to spur the legislative process, and when required, passing measures through ballot initiative.  That said, there are some proposals, based on our own ideology and beliefs, we will not help pass or entertain.

Legislative process

Our extensive relationships throughout the country and in DC provides an understanding of not only the legislative process, but key players on various topics. The legislature is always the best place to start for reasons of cost and simplicity. Efforts at the grass root level can greatly increase chances of success in the legislature. Whether interested in a simple change to a procedural statute, or large swooping redirections we are ready, and have the experience to get you started on the right path.

Ballot Initiatives

Not all good policy can be passed through the legislature, thankfully there are laws in place to allow for changes that come directly from the people. We specialize in grass roots organization, and have managed or been involved with dozens of successful initiatives and referendums.  We can guide you through the entire process starting with gathering signatures, choosing the right ballot language, forming the messaging, and building an organization that will ensure your idea moves forward. We specialize in the impossible, and would like to show you how we can help you accomplish your loftiest goals.

Coalition Building, Ally Recruitment and Trade Associations

A coalition is a group of organizations that come together for the purpose of gaining more influence and power than the individual organizations can achieve by themselves.

If you do not have any organized power to start with you cannot join with another organization to create more power, especially if they are weak too.  This is not re-inventing the wheel, two negatives do not make a positive.

Another way of thinking about coalitions is the common team cliché that we are only as good as our weakest link.  So until you have built some people power, your energy should be focused on building your own organization rather than on forming coalitions. But this does not mean that your organization should not build or join a coalition.  Basically it means to focus on your organization and let us and our already built relationships work for you.

In politics there are three resources at your fingertips: time, money and people.  It is crucial to govern how much of each of the resources each of the coalition members can provide and then plan them in the most complete effective way to benefit everyone in the coalition.

  • Time – wasting time or not using it efficiently is just as serious as throwing away money.
  • Money – the cost in money to accomplish the campaign goal
  • People – the staff and volunteers needed to implement the plan and meet the objectives. It is important to recruit quality staff and volunteers and use them effectively.

One of the primary purposes of trade groups/associations, is to attempt to influence public policy in a direction favorable to the group's members.  It can take the form of contributions to the campaigns of political candidates and parties through Political Action Committees (PACs) and lobbying legislators to support or oppose particular legislation.  In addition, trade groups attempt to influence the activities of regulatory bodies.

Members of Congress, congressional staff, regulators, and policymakers often consult experts in, or affiliated with, these associations as they deliberate on laws and regulations that would impact the industry in question.

To be Successful

  • Determine a clear objective
  • Receive some equitable benefit
  • Agree to disagree
  • Be willing to compromise
  • Trust and cooperation between the partners
  • Respect the interests of the partners
  • Understand your roles and responsibilities
  • Achieve tangible results

Your Next Step To A Winning Campaign