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The Influencers 500 [Campaigns & Elections 2013]

(Campaigns & Elections Via Acquire Media NewsEdge) It's easy to point to influential politicians who showcase their craft on the national or state-level political stage. But what gets them there More importantly, who gets them there To find out, C&E conducted more than 100 interviews with consultants, journalists and political insiders from across the country. The result, which we're calling The Influencers 500, is a collection of some of the top names in the consulting business state by state.

First, a word about how we put the list together: it doesn't contain the names of any elected officials. In some rare cases, we've included retired politicians who hold real sway in the political dealings of their respective states. Mixed in are some of the top staffers who bridge the political and official spheres. But for the most part we've restricted it to the consultants and insiders who help get the politicians where they want to be. In certain instances, we have paired strategists together. So yes, the list does contain slightly more than 500 names, which have been organized by geographic region.

At the forefront, we've named the consultants who are influential in their home states- the folks with pull in primaries and the state-specific campaigns. Then there are the lawyers, lobbyists and fundraisers who exert power in the campaign world.

Now, this will always be an imperfect catalogue. With the limited number of spots per state, necessity forced us to exclude some excellent political consultants and influential insiders. And, for a myriad of reasons, the same people might not be on these pages next year. But the one thing we're certain of is that the names on the following pages are the folks you need to talk to in state capitals across the country.

Chuck Warren, partner, Silver Bullet, LLC Warren has been around forever. He was involved in Jon Huntsman, Jr.'s campaigns for governor and Sen. Mike Lee's 2010 race.