Canvassing in the age of COVID-19

The Landscape

Due to the current COVID-19 environment, canvassing best-practices have necessarily changed
dramatically, but the need to speak to voters eye to eye is more important than ever. These
best-practices must be adapted to both community expectations and codified regulations. The most
likely targeted areas for GOP canvassing are fortunately in states and counties that are more progressive
in their willingness to discontinue lockdown rules and open their communities up as quickly as possible.

IVR / Live Operator Calls to Targeted VP

As a canvassing schedule is assigned, IVR (landline) and live operator calls (cells) will be made 24 hours
before going into targeted voting precincts to let households know a canvasser will be at their
door. This will help bring a sense of comfort to targeted voters and not startle them when someone is at
their door as well as letting them know that we will take all of the appropriate measures to keep them

Example of September Group Canvassing Process

  1. A geographic area is designated for the canvassing effort.
  2. Targeted households ar e given advanced notice by IVR and live operator calls and will be
    assured that the canvassers approaching their door have met CDC standards and will maintain a
    6-foot distance with the voter at all times.
  3. Canvassers will hit these doors for live voter contact to get ID and survey information,
    procure additional voter registrations, solicit absentee ballot requests, and GOTV including
    possible ballot harvesting.
  4. If no contact is made at the door, a text or email will be sent to the voter with a particular
    call to action that includes a link to the appropriate site.
  5. This process and tools, if utilized and synchronized, will aide any GOTV effort greatly.

New Rules for Canvassers

Objective: To enhance our canvassing success, we will implement and strive to create a comfort and
confidence level with that prospective household.

Everyone at September Group is committed to keeping both our canvassers and voters safe. Our
appropriate actions will instill confidence in voters which will result in significantly better outcomes at
the polls or through vote by mail ballots.

  • Our canvassers will comply with strict CDC provided social distancing policies and
  • Daily temperature check via contactless thermometer prior to shift st art. Anyone with any
    symptoms will not be allowed to canvass.
  • All canvassers will be required to wear masks while working and disposable gloves . Masks
    should include a logo.
  • Canvassers will wear clearly identifiable identification that includes their, picture, lead
    contact information, name and their candidate’s name, along with the campaign logo as their
    faces will be covered.
  • They will stand 6 to 8 feet back while capturing survey results via an app.
  • For those requesting physical voter registration or absentee ballot forms, we will provide
    disposable gloves for voters to use at their discretion.
  • Provide branded individually wrapped pen for the resident to use for voter registration or
    absentee ballot request (if applicable) and then allow them to keep it.
  • We will provide, carry, and display hand sanitizer as well as sanitizing wipes that can be used
    to clean the clipboard prior to handing over to the resident if voter registration or absentee
    ballot is requested.
  • When possible, utilize cellular-enabled tablets to do online registrations. iPad will be
    sanitized after each use.
  • Canvassers will carry a trash bag for used gloves and sanitary wipes.
  • There is weekly safety protocol training for canvassers. Canvassers will be provided a guide to
    keeping safe amongst a pandemic and be required to pass a test on training documents to begin
  • Any vehicle used to transport canvassers will be wiped with sanitizer daily.
  • Managers will conduct unannounced safety and quality control visits on a regular basis to
    ensure circulators are complying with these rules. Circulators who are not following rules will
    receive one warning and will be terminated upon a second offense.
  • As always, circulators will be clean, modest and professional in their appearance.