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Always original, never conventional, we imagine and execute creative, assimilated, data-based campaigns that don’t just kindle chatter, but inspire action and change outcomes.

Whether across the country, or around our home town, at September Group, the one thing clients can count on is results.  From consulting on legislative elections to organizing large, issue-focused national advocacy campaigns, we know how to design a winning plan.  With blue collar hard-working values and executive-level attention of a boutique shop and being fluent in wide-range issues of a powerhouse firm, our team of strategists bring decades of experience. That’s why Campaign and Elections Top 500 Influencers names us as one of the ‘top influencers in the nation’ and why organizations large and small, from Fortune 500s and national foundations to local nonprofits, startups have entrusted us with their public affairs agendas since 1996.

We connect with decision-makers, recruit excellence, leverage grassroots and grass tops support and build coalitions to ensure our clients understanding of their federal policy goals.  Known for unconventional thinking when it comes to planning a winning path, our team of seasoned strategists brings centuries of collective experience. Time and time again, our team is best-positioned to provide the service organizations need to be successful.  And we have the record to prove it.  No matter the issue, we understand the politics that determine our clients' fate.  As a full-service, independently owned firm, our team integrates strategic infrastructures with policy and political intelligence to ensure that our messaging and our approach are educated not only by the letter of the law, but with the triggers that stimulate action.  Having clients from small startups and Fortune 500s to trade associations and non-profits, we understand that a range of issues affects our clients.  We’ve helped our clients in directing the most dramatic, far-reaching and significant legislation of the past two decades.

We like to win.  To do so, we not only provide the right smarts, relationships and strategic support, we are involved in politics and like to win because it’s our passion.  We only work for causes we agree with, we want to make a difference that changes policy outcomes and increases bottom lines.

Our Approach


  • Decision-maker influence
  • Policy analysis & message development
  • Legislative & regulatory strategy
  • Crisis management
  • Coalition building & ally recruitment
  • 50-state deployment
  • Legislative affairs management
  • Grassroots targeted efforts

Our Story


  • Signature gathering
  • Legislative tracking and reporting
  • Work with trade associations
  • Full service call center
  • Data collection
  • Voter precinct organization
  • Voter ID
  • Robo-calling & scientific weighting
  • GOTV (Get Out the Vote)

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